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Conspicuity Marking Tape ECE 104/AIS 090 - Rigid

Conspicuity Marking Tape ECE 104/AIS 090 - Rigid

○ Compliant with ECE R 104 and AIS 090

○ Suitable for vehicle conspicuity marking: trucks, trailers and more

○ Highly weather resistant

○ Rigid type - one continuous tape which can be easily cut to the required length (also available in soft/curtain/segmented type)

Available in Colors
  • Technical Specifications


    ○ W 50mm * L 5m

    ○ 0.2mm thickness


    ○ High quality PMMA acrylic film

    ○ Metalized with alluminium - much more durable than air-backed/air-sealed film

    ○ Microprismatic retroreflectiveness

    ○ Ultra-strong pressure sensitive adhesive

    ○ Internal printing between the layers of film makes the paint highly durable and damage resistant

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